“Since working with Jason a handful of times, we already see a difference in our son’s shooting ability and confidence level. Having never played lacrosse, we were unable to help our son understand what problem areas he needed to work on to make him an all-around better lacrosse player. With Jason’s extensive experience, we had no doubt that he could help our son achieve his goals. The first time we called Jason to ask him to evaluate and work with our son, he spent over an hour on the phone with us. He didn’t just ask about our son’s lacrosse career thus far, he asked about him as a person. He wanted to know about his goals, his achievements, his personality and drive. We met Jason for an initial lesson and he spent two hours with our son. Jason corrected him, patiently, every single time. Any ball that missed the net, our son had to chase. We were awed at how he used cognitive behavioral techniques to make our son not only WANT to get the ball in the net, but also made him NOT WANT to miss. After watching him for a short time, Jason adjusted a few strings on the lacrosse head and had him shoot again. It made a noticeable difference. He worked on fine tuning his shot and explained to him his strengths were very strong, but he needed to work on building his “arsenal” and become a “triple threat”. Jason is also a huge advocate for conditioning and resistance training, which he works on in the lesson and strongly encourages our son to take responsibility for his own training on his own time. At the end of the first lesson, Jason told our son to go home and write down goals he has for himself. He still has these goals stashed away to this day. We believe that Jason not only cares about our son as an athlete, but as a person and truly wants him to be successful. Jason is extremely personable and he is the type of man that we would want our son to be inspired by and look up to.” -A grateful mom and dad

“I have been working with Jason Sanders for almost a year now. I already see major improvement in my game. My footwork, confidence and fundamental skills have all improved during games and practices. Jason not only teaches me new ways to shoot and dodge, but speaks to me about ways to be good person and give back to my community. I truly feel I am more confident as a person because of his influence. Jason doesn’t just instruct and wait to see me the next time. He gives me drills and exercises to do at home before our next clinic session. He expects me to do them and I never want to disappoint him. I feel like I’m more mentally prepared on the field this lacrosse season. I’m looking forward to taking my game to the next level. I highly recommend working with Jason to anyone who wants to improve their game at ANY level. He is truly inspiring!” – Ben Giachetti

“We first met Jason through PAL lacrosse, when he coached our son’s team. Throughout the season we noticed all the extra time and attention he put into working with the kids. After the season ended we decided to ask Jason to work with our son on a one on one basis. From the start he had him make a list of goals for not only lacrosse but for school, and his future. His hands-on-approach has helped him from the first lesson. Our son has played many positions in lacrosse and because of Jason’s help he is now confident in his ability to play the game. Jason makes himself available to my son and us whenever we have a question, concern or just want an unbiased opinion. Jason was able to identify his weaknesses and strengths, and has helped him become a stronger player. Our son has had only a few lessons, and the speed of his shot has increased, he foot work has greatly improved, and his lacrosse IQ has grown. Jason’s many years of experience playing and coaching are part of the reason we trust him with helping our son achieve his lacrosse goals. Jason has become someone he looks up to and counts on. Jason not only verbally instructs during the lessons he is on the field working just as hard as the student. Our son looks forward to his lesson, because he feels himself improving, and he feels himself become more confident. Jason has a genuine concern for the athletes he trains on and off the field.” – Nick & Gina DeBlanco

“There is a definite, undeniably good feeling that comes when working with someone that believes he can make you a better athlete. A person that can understand a player’s weaknesses and strengths. They need to know the sport and have the talent for building a player’s confidence. I found that in Jason. He was someone who had my son’s best interest at heart, therefore correcting what needed to be corrected and enlightening him of his potential.” – Fondly, A Grateful Mom

“Jason has helped me become a better person on and off the field. He teaches determination and good work ethic while having fun and cracking jokes. This man has helped become the person I am today because of his extreme teaching ability. Furthermore, he’s an inspiration, a man that I look up to and want to become in my further stages of life. He definitely knows what he’s doing. He went to UNC, which is one of the greatest lacrosse colleges ever. This man will surely transform your lacrosse career for the better and you’ll be a great athlete in no time (easier said than done).” – George Pav Jr

“Jason has been working with our son Conor for the past two months. In that short period of time Conor’s foot work, stick handing and shooting have improved greatly. After the initial session with Jason where he evaluated Conor, he came up with a plan that targeted Conor’s weaknesses. In the weeks since he has worked on those weaknesses with him and it is apparent that Conor plays with so much more confidence now. Jason shows a real interest and commitment to the players he trains. He came to one of our son’s tournaments one weekend so he could see first-hand how Conor looked on the field. We would highly recommend Jason to other families looking to further their childs lacrosse skills.” – Jeff & Laura Long

“It was just by chance that we learned about Jason and the personal coaching he provides for lacrosse. We noticed an advertisement on a vehicle that said “learnlax.com. We contacted Jason because our son was playing junior varsity lacrosse and aspiring to make varsity level in the upcoming season. Additionally, he was recovering from a serious injury which necessitated that he remain on junior varsity for another season. We never imagined that Jason would become such a signifiant person in our son’s life. Jason provided him with feedback and advice on how to improve his personal game. He guided our son in discussing and creating personal goals to achieve. We watched our son write these goals down and put them on a bulletin board as a visual reminder of what he wanted to achieve. Jason also shared his personal triumphs and stories from his experiences playing lacrosse at the collegial level. This perspective was invaluable because it gave our son a view of lacrosse beyond high school and the local politics that comes with a sport.
Jason’s coaching reached beyond the field providing our son with additional skills and lesson to become a more confident individual as well as an athlete. With Jason’s guidance our son did make the Varsity Lacrosse team in High School! He continued playing lacrosse at the college level and continues to work hard to improve his personal best. This season during fall ball he scored two goals! We believe that this was a direct outcome of Jason’s coaching and our son’s renewed confidence in his abilities. We have watched our son grow in confidence both on and off the field. We know that the lessons with Jason have paid great dividends to our son!” – Kathy & Skip Munisteri

“We came to Jason and Learn Lax to help our son improve his lacrosse skills. From the first minute, Jason recognized our sons’ weaknesses and he came up with a plan of action to help him improve. In addition to giving him the tools to improve his lacrosse skills, Jason has also given him advice, direction and the confidence needed to progress and succeed. The transformation we have seen in seven months is unbelievable. Jason has a holistic approach to lacrosse training. He teaches invaluable techniques not only in footwork and stick handling, but also in conditioning, endurance, mentality, and motivation. Jason has such an encouraging and enthusiastic attitude that comes through in every lesson. He makes you want to be the very best athlete that you can be. Finding Jason is the very best thing we could have done to help our son reach his goals in lacrosse and life.” – Rich & Liesel Jacullo

“Learn Lax is so much more than lacrosse training, it’s like entering a new family. Jason is like the big brother i never had. He’s always there for me to help me out with issues on and off the field. Jason has not only given me a physical edge on the lacrosse field but a mental edge as well. I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in becoming a better lacrosse player and who wants to have fun while doing it to try Learn Lax! You wont regret it!” – Tim Perugini

“I started working with Jason Sanders and Learn Lax in elementary school and now, more than 10 years later, I still turn to him to improve my game. Jason’s coaching has taken me from Three Village Lacrosse, through Ward Melville Varsity, to Florida State’s SELC Championship Team. Over the years, Jason has taught me the proper conditioning, basic fundamentals, understanding of the game, and sophisticated skills needed to play lacrosse at the collegiate level. Best of all, Jason’s always there when I need him because he cares enough to help me be the best player, and person, I can be.” – Peter Soukup

“I have been a part of Learn Lax for as long as I can remember. Jason helped me learn and develop my game from my younger years all the way through to my college game. He taught me how to be an explosive and intense player on the field. Most importantly, I learned that hard work and dedication can take you a long way.” – Jimmy Langton

“Our son, Connor, has been working with Jason for over a year. In the first few lessons, Jason was able to pin point the weaknesses he needed to work on and quickly started to improve upon them. His game has elevated and continues to improve with each lesson. Jason has a keen eye in every aspect of lacrosse. He is not only an exceptional teacher but also a great motivator.” – Glen & Tara Grippe

“Jason, after a few lessons, helped me identify weaknesses in my game. He then put together a routine of drills to help overcome them. He not only helped you in the lessons, but he was always available to answer questions about things in lacrosse. I am 100% confident in Jason’s ability to help individuals reach goals, and am happy to have him now as a friend.” – Eric Everett

“I worked with Jason many times early in my lacrosse career. Without a doubt I am a true believer in the positive influence Learn Lax will have on your game. Jason helped me evolve from an average player to a starter at a nationally ranked high school and from there I moved on to a rewarding four years at a D-1 college program. He helped turn my weaknesses into strengths and develop a lacrosse IQ that I was able to carry with me throughout my career. Now having graduated from college and taken on a collegiate coaching career of my own, I teach many of the fundamental skills and philosophies I learned through LearnLax to all of my student athletes. I owe a lot to Learn Lax and highly recommend it to anyone who is just starting to play or looking to take their game to the next level.” – Current D3 Head Coach, Former D1 Assistant Coach

“Jason and Learn Lax gives you a perspective that looks beyond the game and teaches you not only to be a great lacrosse player but to also be a great person. Learn Lax has not only shown me the skills I needed to get my game to the next level, but Jason has also given me the mindset to never give up and to always reach for my highest potential.” – Perry Craz

“My son worked out with Learn Lax for about 9 months prior to his senior year in High School. From his first lesson, I saw an immediate improvement in his technique. Jason made small changes in his stick, grip and footwork that resulted in improved dodging and shooting. What really convinced me to stay with Learn Lax was Jason’s positive approach to teaching and his attention to detail. Each lesson ended with a review of what was learned, a plan for the next week and some encouraging words. All of this increased my sons skill level and more importantly, boosted his confidence level. I can honestly say that my son got more out of Learn Lax than all of the summer camps, clinics and lessons that he had previously attended.” – Matt Salmon


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