Nutritional Advice

Proper nutrition is very important to being a top notch athlete and lacrosse player. Unfortunately we have become a society that relies on processed, fast foods rather than freshly cooked foods.

The information below will give you the guidance needed to perform at the highest level. Processed foods contain artifical ingredients that should be avoided at all costs.

Basically, you put a lot of effort into being a great athlete, therefore you should put the same effort into preparing to be that athlete.

Fuel your body with:
Water (stay hydrated)
Drinks containing electrolytes (not necessarily Gatorade due to the sugar content)
Protein (grass fed meats, brown eggs, supplemental shakes)
Complex carbohydrates (sweet potatoes)
Fresh fruits (great source of vitamins, potassium, be careful of too much sugar)
Fresh vegetables (dark, leafy)
Fresh seafood, greek yogurt, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seed, flaxseed, olive oil.
Branch chain amino acids (micronized powder)

What to AVOID:
Carbonated beverages (soda, energy drinks)
Fruit juices (most are not even close to being 100% real juice)
Artificial sugar (aspartame, Splenda, etc)
Gluten (pasta, bread, cereal, etc).


Starts: Jul 10 ’17
Ends: Jul 13 ’17
Location: The Stony Brook School
Sponsor: Warrior/Brine
Minimum Age: 9 years old; Maximum age:15 years old
Camper Cost:$235.00
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