Since 2000 we have conducted many training sessions for programs including: Three Village Youth/HS (Ward Melville), Mt. Sinai Youth/HS, Hauppauge Youth and North Fork LC Youth (Southold/Mattituck, NY) on Long Island, as well as Greenwich HS (Connecticut), Auburn Hills Area Youth/HS (Michigan), Lake Norman Area Youth/HS (North Carolina), Irvine/San Juan Capistrano Area Youth/HS (California) and Arlington-Lagrange Youth (Poughkeepsie, NY). Plus, we have been hired to coach various summer teams within the Three Village Youth and Hauppauge Youth programs, as well as Showcase teams for True Lacrosse, Juiced Cherries and Duke’s Nationals. Not to mention our own Learn Lax Legacy tournament teams in 2001 & 2004 and Rage Beyond LC team in 2014. And throughout it all, we have always concentrated on fundamentals, advanced techniques, team concepts, proper nutrition and high-intensity conditioning. Learn Lax trains teams from the ground up and improves every facet of play. If you’re interested in speaking with us about coaching your team, give us a call at (516) 405-5295 or send us an EMAIL today.


Our Goal is to provide each player with personal and team instruction that will allow them to overcome any flaws in their game. With positive reinforcement, all players can strive to be the best they can be, thus making the team better.

Before any clinic or team training practice it is imperative to spend time with the coaching staff to fully understand the goals and objectives they would like Learn Lax to concentrate on.

Learn Lax will teach any and all aspects of the game. This includes face-off strategy, team offense, team defense, fast breaks, slow breaks, clearing, riding, shooting and dodging.


Traditional and Motorcycle (Reverse) grip technique. Complete understanding of how the face-off middie and the two wing players work together to win possession. As well as teaching the face-off middie how to counter any move.


All sets (1-3-2, 2-2-2, 1-4-1, 2-4, etc) taught along with understanding spacing, motion, back door timing, crease play, picking, two man plays and the importance of ball control.


Concentration on communication, footwork, 2nd and 3rd slide packages, proper stick location, denying the pass, hip to ball-hip to man positioning as well as overall positioning to push offensive players into poor angle situations.


“L” breaks, flat breaks and give it up early-get it back breaks. Teaching point man how to read the play and wing players to always have a shooting angle (not be on GLE).


Teach middies to not force the pass to the middle of the field as well as how to cut after passing the ball down the side and getting it to X.


Teaching middies and d-men how to break out on the shot as well as how to set up a settled clear and techniques to bring the ball up the field.


Teach attackmen to force their d-man into bad decisions by using the sideline and anticipating passes. Teach middies how to rotate over and make sure a fast break or unsettled situation will not occur.


Teach all players how to shoot overhand, three-quarter, and sidearm. This includes aiming for off-stick side of the cage and high bounce shots. With proper hand placement, rotation of hips and shoulders, and extension of arms, all players will develop accurate shooting form.


Teach all offensive players to dodge from any spot within the offensive box. The main dodges are stutter step, dip under face dodge and roll dodge. These are done using either a one move and go mindset, or two moves and go, depending on how defender is positioned. By using the clock technique (up top is 12, the wings are 3 & 9, and X or behind is 6) and concentrating on change of speed and direction in order to get hands free for a shot or feed, an offensive player can be a dual threat (lefty/righty; shooter/feeder). Other concepts include “V to V” and “V to C” shooting on the run, along with alley dodging.


Starts: Jul 10 ’17
Ends: Jul 13 ’17
Location: The Stony Brook School
Sponsor: Warrior/Brine
Minimum Age: 9 years old; Maximum age:15 years old
Camper Cost:$235.00
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