Lacrosse Tips

Lacrosse is a complicated sport, but once you understand the basics it becomes much easier to play.
Below are a few concepts that will help elevate your game.

1. Learn to string your own stick. Although it is nice to have a lacrosse store or teammate do it, by you doing it, you learn what each string does and how you can adjust those strings to make you throw and shoot with better accuracy.

2. Put a thin wrap of athletic tape where your top hand slides down to on the shaft when you are passing or shooting. To find this spot, take a few practice shots and keep track of where your top hand slides down to and stops. Then tape up that spot. This will ensure that your hands always slide down to the correct spot on the shaft and will help you become more accurate.

3. Work on a concrete wall or pitch back to improve your technique. Stand 10 to 15 feet back and get your arms up to your shoulder and back to your ear. Rotate your hips and shoulders when throwing and extend your arms on your follow through. If the ball isn’t going where you want it to, then adjust your shooting strings until it does. Practice lefty and righty with the same form.

4. Learn to shoot over hand, 3/4 and side arm. Work on form and location. Adjust your shooting strings if you are not hitting where you are aiming.

5. Keep you head up and see the field when you have the ball. This is most important in transition and dodging.

6. Do NOT twirl your stick. It gives you no advantage and if a player pops open while you are doing it, then you will be late on the feed.

7. Always change speed and direction when dodging. Once you have a step on your defender then you can get you hands free for a pass or shot. You should also stagger your cradle so the defender can’t time your rhythm.